The Lullabot Store is closed, but Drupalize.Me is Open!

You've been redirected here from the Lullabot Store page, because the Lullabot Store has been closed. But don't worry! You can still get support for your previous store purchases by using our help site or emailing us at

You're now on the Drupalize.Me site. If you've never been here before, then welcome! In a nutshell, Drupalize.Me is an online video resource for learning about about Drupal, jQuery, and Drupal-related technologies. Whether you're just getting started with Drupal, or are interested in learning the latest advanced tips and tricks, we have videos for you. We currently have more than 500 videos, which adds up to over 200 hours of training. We have many free videos, but you'll get immediate access to the full library of learning by subscribing.

Group Accounts
Get your whole team Drupalized! We have special rates if your company, school, or organization is interested in getting a group account for Drupalize.Me. Just contact us and we'll get you set up. More information can be found on our FAQ page.

Feel free to click around on the site and let us know if you have any questions. Enjoy!