Module Development Render Api and Drupal Basics from Diwd

You can never get enough information about Module Development, right? So we're serving up some more videos today: this time we dive in to Drupal's Render API. This is a new system in Drupal 7 that is used to output content to the page. We have three new videos that start with the most basic way to render content on a custom page, move on to attaching CSS or JavaScript and show how to add caching to an individual page element, and wrap up with exploring hook_page_alter() to alter existing pages to our liking. We have copies of the sample modules available for download (in the Downloads tab) for each video as well, so have some fun!

Drupal Basics from Do It With Drupal

This completely Lullabot-run track was featured on the first day of Do It With Drupal 2011, and served as a great primer on Drupal.

  • Joe Shindelar's "Introduction to Drupal" session explained nodes, blocks, users, roles, taxonomy and many of the other basic concepts used throughout Drupal. Joe also covered a brief history of the Drupal project, Drupal's position in the web CMS market, and a basic overview of the volunteer and commercial Drupal ecosphere. (To learn more about the Drupal community, check out the free video of Angie Byron's "The Drupal Community Demystified" session.)
  • Jeff Eaton's "Translating into Drupalese" covers some of the basic principals of architecting, developing, designing, and managing any website and how those things map to a Drupal powered website.
  • Sally Young's "Site Building with Drupal 101" provides a crash course in the basics of building a website using Drupal 7 and all the features and functionality baked in to the latest and greatest release of our favorite CMS. Sally covers the basics of getting a Drupal site up and running using the Drupal "core" download, including creating and managing user accounts, navigation systems, adding additional fields to the built-in content types, creating our own custom content types, and methods for categorizing content on your site.
  • Addi Berry's "Site Building with Drupal Using Views" covers the basics of using the Views module to create a list of nodes, demonstrates the use of filters to limit the items within a list, sorting to control the order items are listed, and relationships to pull in additional information about items from other sources. Addi also demonstrates the various options for outputting a list on a page, in a block, or as an RSS feed for your site.


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