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Our latest feature release is brought to you by the pony Applejack, and it has some great new things that you all have been asking for, as well as fixing a few annoying bugs. The big news is that now you can add a series to your queue, instead of having to add each individual video in your queue and then try to keep them in the right order. As part of implementing that, we also added a few other nice touches too.

New features

One big change you will see on the site is that you can now view a series page, which will give you an overview of entire series. This is very much like the series listing that you find under each video in a series. Now we have that on its own page, along with some additional information in the sidebar, like what other series are similar to the one you are viewing.

You can also see that we have added a cool progress indicator, which shows how much of the videos you have watched so far. A full blue bar means you've watched that video all the way through, and an empty bar means you haven't gotten to it yet, with a partial progress bar being displayed for anything in between.

One big reason that we created these new series overview pages is so that you can easily add an entire series to your queue. In the past you had to manually add each video in the series, but now, you'll see that each series page has its own "Add to queue" button. Once you've put a series in the queue, it will show up as one item, which you can reorder just like individual videos. The queue shows you which is which at a glance by displaying the single video and series icons, as you can see here.

Bugs squashed

While we were having fun with all the cool new stuff, we also hammered out two annoying bugs that popped up recently. The "Resume" button on the Recently Watched list was not always taking you back to the right place in the video, and we've got that sorted out so it should work swimmingly now (which also means that our new progress indicators will also take you to the right place when you click them too). Another smaller nit to pick was the fact that our tags on blog posts weren't working correctly. If you clicked them, you would simply go back to the main blog page. Now that we have that corrected, you can click a tag link from the blog and you'll actually see a listing of all of the blog posts with that tag. Yay for not feeling crazy anymore!

Coming soon

We also wanted to let you know about a few things we have in the hopper, which will be coming out soon. We are currently working hard at getting captions added to the videos, and we plan to use that same system for starting to provide translated subtitles for some videos in the near future as well. We are also creating a suggestion box where you can toss your ideas for new video topics into the ring and then the Drupalize.Me community can vote up the ones that they most want to see.

So, once again, thanks for all of your input about the site and the videos. We love turning your ideas into reality, and we're working hard to keep 'em coming!

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