Release Day: Free Series on the Learn Drupal Ladder

Today we have a new series that we're very excited about! Back in March we talked about a new community initiative called Learn Drupal, and the great plan they have to get more people contributing back to core by creating a ladder of lessons. I've personally started to have some meetups for this here in Copenhagen, and I made some time to create videos to go with the lessons.

To kick off the Learn Drupal Ladder series, the first video, Overview of the Learn Drupal project, is a short introduction to the Learn Drupal project in a presentation format. The video is just under 10 minutes long so that it will fit in well as a lightning talk at a meetup. If you don't feel comfortable doing a presentation yourself, you can just play this video for your group to get things started. The rest of the videos in the series will be video versions of the lessons on the Drupal ladder. The first step on the ladder, and the first lesson video we have, is to Install Drupal locally, which is a generally helpful step for everyone working with Drupal in some way. The next few steps on the ladder will be coming out in the next week or two, so be sure to check back for more videos!


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