Latest Sprint: New Suggestion Box and Guides to Navigate

Our latest sprint, Cheerilee, brings about two new great features dedicated to our subscribers. We want to hear about what you'd like to see, and once we have the videos you're looking for we want to make it easier for you to find them, and walk through them in a logical order.

Suggestion box

First, we've created a suggestion box. It not only allows our users to tell us what new videos they want to see, but users also get to vote on what videos are most important to them. We'll keep you posted on what videos we're currently working on, what we plan to work on, and which ones we've already completed.

We really do want to hear what topics you want to see on Drupalize.Me. Otherwise, we're making videos that nobody watches, and we're essentially talking to ourselves, which is sad. So check out the suggestion box and start telling us those things you wish we would create with some pony magic.

Suggestion Box


Next up are Guides. has tons of great content, and we often get questions like, “Where do I start?” and “Which video should I watch next?" So we're creating guides — suggested learning plans with select groups of videos and series that have a common learning goal.

Guide List

We've started off with two guides, but we will be adding more over the next few weeks. Whether you're new to Drupal or a veteran site builder, find a guide that helps take your skills to the next level and follow along the path to mastery!

Single Guide

We hope you enjoy these new features, and we're very thankful to everyone who lets us know what they'd really like to see on the site. It helps us improve in the ways that serve our members best.

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