New Podcast About the Drupal 8 Initatives

Our new podcast, Drupalize.Me Podcast 3: The 3 W's of the Drupal 8 Initiatives - Who, What, and Why?, is a great overview of the new, cool stuff coming in Drupal 8. We are joined by Gábor Hojtsy (Gábor Hojtsy), Larry Garfield (Crell), Kris Vanderwater (EclipseGc), John Albin Wilkins (JohnAlbin), and Greg Dunlap (heyrocker), in a series of separate interviews to talk about what the initiatives are, why they matter, and what you can do to start learning about them now, and give a helping hand. If you're curious about the new stuff coming, and if you want to help make it happen (you don't have to be some coder rock star), then listen to the variety of things going on, find one that gets you excited, and jump in!

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