Release Day: Free Videos for Command Line and Ooyala

Today's release day is a mixture of free videos! We have two new videos to add to our Command Line Basics Series, covering Bash aliases and working with MySQL. In addition to those lessons, we are also releasing a short four-video series about Using the Ooyala module with Drupal. Ooyala is a paid video delivery service, which manages your videos and handles video delivery to your site. If you have an Ooyala account, the Ooyala module will connect the Ooyala service to your Drupal site to display and play your Ooyala videos from within Drupal. The series will explain how to install and configure the Ooyala module, and then show you how to use it with Views and Views Slideshow.

Command Line Basics

Using the Ooyala Module with Drupal 7

Next week, we're excited to introduce a new series on Coding for Drush, which will cover all of the fun things you can do to add Drush commands to your custom modules, and really customize this powerful Drupal tool.


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