New Series on Lightboxes

This week is the first part of a new mini-series on Lightboxes and Drupal 7. Lightboxes on the web will show larger or full content in an overlay on the current page, dimming the background, when a smaller version, or thumbnail, is clicked on. It's a great way to allow users to browse, and view full content for many different items, without having to leave the listing page they are on and keep clicking back and forth. In today's lessons, we have a FREE lesson which explains what a lightbox is, and gives an overview of some things to consider when choosing a lightbox Drupal module. Then we cover getting set up with the two most popular lightbox module choices: Lightbox2 module and Colorbox module.

Next week we'll wrap up with more lessons about lightboxes, actually putting the modules to use, and looking at the differences when working with images versus regular content and views.


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