Release Day: Coding for Views and a Free Menu Lesson

This week we are finally finishing up our Coding for Views series with the last two lessons, which lagged a bit for us. We're happy to round things out by providing another example of writing a Views handler which creates a Views area handler, and with a look at theming Views. In addition to wrapping up that series, we also have a free video that looks at working with secondary menus. While this lesson is using Drupal 6, the concepts and processes used are exactly the same in Drupal 7, and is still applicable there. The lesson looks at how to take a menu with child items, and turn those children into a separate, but contextually related menu, in relation to the parent menu items. We also open up our theme, and look at how to move the secondary menu around, and manipulate the HTML that is being output, so that we can make the menu look the way we expect. The main difference between Drupal 6 and 7 with this lesson, is that the theme code to print the secondary menu looks different, but functions in the same way.

Next week, we'll be taking a look at some more community tools and processes to help people accelerate their Drupal experience. We're also hammering away at some cool new series on topics like Entity API, Git, and SASS. To see what we have in the hopper, to add to our list, and vote on topics, check out our Suggestion Box.


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