Git with It: an Introduction to Version Control with Git Workshop

We're excited to share and invite you to our upcoming workshop: Git With It, an introduction to Git at MinneWebCon on April 16th. MinneWebCon is a 2-day, grassroots, knowledge-sharing conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that unites web lovers from every industry.

We’re thrilled to be involved, and to teach about one of our favorite web tools, Git, a free, lightning fast and incredibly flexible Version Control system. Git is an essential part of our team’s workflow, whether we’re working with Drupal or any other open source project. We hope that it will become your favorite development sidekick as well!

Register for this hands-on course to:

  • Learn the basics of Version Control, and why it is an industry-wide best practice
  • Discover the advantages of distributed and centralized version control systems
  • Understand and implement basic Git features: staging, adding and removing files, committing changes to a local or remote repository, and creating branches and tags
  • Use Git to track changes on your next project while keeping a meaningful, navigable history of who did what, why, and when
  • Apply Git in a team environment by sharing changes or even partial ideas and deploying them to production environments

You don’t need to have prior experience with Git to take this course, but we do recommend that attendees have a basic familiarity with the command line. Check out our free video series on Command Line to brush up on the basics.

Visit the MinneWebCon registration page to attend the full conference (highly recommended), or if you’re just interested in attending Git With It, you can buy a single workshop ticket. Early bird pricing is only available until February 28th, so reserve your spot soon!


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