Drupalcon Portland Is Coming (with a Big Sale!)

In a few short days we're heading to Portland, Oregon for the annual North American DrupalCon. We're really looking forward to seeing everyone there. We hope you'll stop by our booth (#408) and say "hello!". It will be a great opportunity for us to meet you, and for you to meet some of the personalities behind your favorite videos and blog posts. We're also gearing up for a great sale on annual accounts during the 'con, which you can take advantage of whether you are in Portland or online.

DrupalCon is more than just a meet-and-greet. It's an amazing opportunity to learn from our peers, from beginner sessions through to core conversations, DrupalCon is an event that expects participants to dig in and take part. In addition to a fun booth, cool stickers, and a nice big sale, we are also stepping up at DrupalCon to help the community get up to speed on Drupal. On the Friday of DrupalCon, May 24th, Drupalize.Me team members will be leading a FREE Community Tools Workshop. This will be a fantastic opportunity to learn how to set up and use a bunch of essential tools, while preparing you to be able and confident to give back to the Drupal project. You will learn how to use community tools, including IRC, and the Drupal.org issue queue, along with getting your own local environment set up with a web server and Git. If you can't make the trek to Portland, you can still participate remotely in the Friday sprints with other people hacking on Drupal, and we will be freely sharing the resources and curriculum we use for the workshop, so you can walk through it yourself at home.

Learning Drupal doesn't just happen overnight. No matter how much you know about Drupal, you know there's always a little bit more to learn. This year, to celebrate your achievements to date (and your future achievements), we're giving you $200 toward an annual membership at Drupalize.Me. The sale starts the week of DrupalCon (that's next week!) and will only last for a limited time. We'll be posting more information about it via our mailing list so make sure you're subscribed to the newsletter, or you can follow us on Twitter (@drupalizeme) or Facebook. Remember, if you are at DrupalCon, please drop by booth #408, say "hi," and grab some fun new stickers. You're the reason we do our thing, and the inspiration for why we love to do it so well.


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