Don't Just Learn Git: Make It Work for You

You've probably heard of this magical land of version control where you can undo bad things, start over, and share your work effortlessly. It's a wonderful place that, let's face it, actually takes a bit of work to get to. It's a lot like Drupal: the more time you spend with version control, the more you forget how hard and complicated it was at the very beginning. And even when you understand it, you can still get yourself into a fuddle sometimes.

One of the things I did when I first joined Drupalize.Me was write documentation about how we were expected to work with our ticket system and branches in Git. I refer to it less these days, but it was essential in helping me to develop good habits. Internally we've documented:

  • How to work on a ticket
  • Branch types and names
  • Creating and maintaining branches
  • Checklists for peer review
  • How to conduct a peer review

The documentation includes step-by-step instructions and a copy-paste for various Git commands. Yup, even the experts have a copy-paste checklist for Git!

If you're new to Git and wondering about these commands, I encourage you to watch our video series Introduction to Git. Here our expert instructors Joe Shindelar and Blake Hall guide you through common Git commands and give you configuration tips. It's a great introduction to this popular version control system.

Still, if you've spent any time trying to shoehorn Drupal into a versioned workflow, you know that learning a few Git commands won't cut it. There have been many days when Drupal has tested and broken my patience with its refusal to play nice. You can make some things easy with the helpful module Features and the command line tool Drush (see: Introduction to Drush, beginner and Coding for Drush, advanced).

But none of these tools will replace real world experience. I've been teaching version control for almost a decade and Joe has been living it as a Drupal developer. Based on this experience, we've now merged our favorite Git workshops into one: Mastering Git for the Drupal Developer's Work Flow.

We are delighted to offer this workshop at DrupalCon Prague. We know, first-hand, exactly how frustrating the experience of putting Drupal into Git can be. We want to help you streamline the process. So in one day, we'll teach you how to create and implement a process for working with Drupal and Git. We encourage you to sign up with your co-workers for this workshop. After all, workflow is about improving your work with others.

See you in Prague!

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