Release Day: Pantheon, Git, and Launching Your Site

Please note that this older series is out of date. There is a newer Pantheon series: Manage Drupal Sites with Pantheon.

This week we continue to re-publish lessons from the Pantheon Academy, with Jon Peck. In these free lessons we'll be taking a look at working with Git and MultiDev, the Pantheon cloud-based development environment for teams working on projects together. We'll also take a look at dealing with error codes, and setting up SSL fro your server. We're going to wrap up our current list with a checklist for taking your site live.

Keep your eyes open in the future for more lessons in the Pantheon Academy series. Starting next week, we are diving back into the world of Using Drupal, continuing on with Chapter 4: Media Management. In addition to the Using Drupal series, which uses a development version of Media Module 2, we will also be starting a parallel series using Media Module 1.

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