How I Illustrated the Magic Drupal Eight Ball, A Video Tutorial

I thought that for my newest blog post I would try something different, and something I have been asked to do in the past, a video tutorial of a Drupal 8 inspired illustration. I realize this is different from most of our Drupal 8 blog posts, and might not be for everyone, but I do hope you enjoy it.

Even if you are not an illustrator I am confident that the techniques I cover can be done by anyone and will be fairly easy to follow. As our interactive designer I love to work in illustration, as I am sure you have noticed. It can give a site and brand a personality and enrich the user experience of a site. Regardless of skill or background, you, too, can begin utilizing simple illustrations in your website by learning the simple techniques I overview in this tutorial.

If nothing else, at least at the end of the tutorial you can have something we all wish we had: a Magic Drupal Eight Ball that predicted the future for us...

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