Release Day: Creating Publication Workflows

This week we are finishing the Our Media news site project from the O'Reilly Using Drupal book. We will complete setting up our section editor access control with the Workbench Access module, by linking our News Section vocabulary to Workbench, and then testing things out. We'll also add our last remaining major feature, which is a publication workflow to move the content from a draft state, through different review options, and into the publiched state. The Workbench Moderation module gives us very flexible tools to create our own custom workflows, and let us define who can move which content into which publication states. At the end of this series we'll have a fully functional news site with a nice editorial workflow process, and section editors who can see and work on the content that they need to manage, and not everyone else's work. We'll finish the series with a look at some additional modules we might want to look at to extend our features even further, and then we'll take a tour of the completed site, going over how we've built the final project.

This week we're wrapping things up with:

Next week, we're taking a break from the Using Drupal book, and diving into the world of Drupal's Field API. Joe Shindelar is going to be walking through how the core Field module works under the hood, and how you can extend what core provides through your own custom code.


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