Release Day: Wrapping up Starting in Symfony2

This week we're wrapping up the tutorial series, Starting in Symfony2, from our partners at KnpUniversity. In these screencasts, Leanna Pelham walks you through getting dummy data into your app using "fixtures." To get you started, you'll learn to use Composer to bring in outside bundles into your project and creating the fixture itself—a PHP class that puts stuff in a database. You'll also get your hands dirty with autoloading, Symfony Controller Shortcuts, and more tips for working with Twig. If you've worked through this entire series, you'll now have working knowledge of PHP programming best practices, understanding of the core areas of Symfony, and a functioning events application to show for it! We hope you'll dive in and enjoy learning all about building PHP apps with Symfony. If you'd like to learn Symfony2 beyond what this introductory series has covered, you should head over to KnpUniversity and check out their full catalog of Symfony2 tutorials.

Here are this week's Symfony video tutorials:

Next week, we'll have a veritable cornucopia of video tutorials featuring Twig, Commerce, and Using Drupal advice on finding and selecting modules. Until then, happy learning!

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