Release Day: Extending, Building, and Translating Drupal 8

Weekly Release
This week we continue to explore what's new in Drupal 8. We began this series with the Theming, CMI, and OO-PHP editions of our What's New in Drupal 8 series. Last week, we covered what's new in the Entity API, Blocks, Content Authoring Experience, and Mobile and Responsive Features. This week, we have videos outlining what's new in extending Drupal 8 (where did all the hooks go?), new site building features and workflows, and multilingual features. Finally, as a bonus, we have a free video tour of, where you can see how Drupal gets translated into languages from all over the world.

Here are the videos in this week's release:

Next week, we'll shift gears back to the world of PHP. Are you ready to learn the basics of object-oriented PHP? We'll have a new video series from our partners at KnpUniversity where you'll learn the basics of object-oriented PHP hands-on, building a real application.

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