We're changing pace a bit with this week's release as we start up a new FREE NodeOne series for advanced site builders. In the Learning Page Manager series you will be introduced to the handy Page Manager module, which comes as part of the Chaos Tools project, also known simply as CTools.

The last of the Do It With Drupal 2011 videos -- the keynotes -- are about to be published. To whet your appetite for all the Drupal, mobile, UX, and web design nuggets of wisdom, we've compiled a highlight reel of sorts.

Happy New Year! The Module Development series is wrapping up by working our way through another major API in Drupal, the database layer. We have five videos to walk you through it.

An overview of the database layer in Drupal 7 is an excerpt from our Overview of Drupal 7 roundtable discussion, led by Angie Byron, the Drupal 7 co-maintainer.

For this Wednesday, we're adding more videos to the Module Development for Drupal 7 series. We have three new videos for you:

Altering forms with hook_form_alter introduces you to one of the most used hooks in Drupal development. It lets you change any form in Drupal and is a great tool in your kit.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that we at Drupalize.Me love to share our knowledge about Drupal, and have fun doing it. We're currently looking to add a new trainer to our team.

It's that time of the week again! This week we are continuing two of our series: Module Development for Drupal 7 and Introduction to Drush.

For the Module Development series, we are wrapping up the discussion of the Render API with a look at integrating with the theme system. Then we move on to four videos about the Form API system and how to do some fun things with it:

You can never get enough information about Module Development, right? So we're serving up some more videos today: this time we dive in to Drupal's Render API. This is a new system in Drupal 7 that is used to output content to the page. We have three new videos that start with the most basic way to render content on a custom page, move on to attaching CSS or JavaScript and show how to add caching to an individual page element, and wrap up with exploring hook_page_alter() to alter existing pages to our liking. We have copies of the sample...

Give yourself the gift of learning this holiday season -- and get an extra bonus! The first 10 people who sign up for an annual Drupalize.Me subscription before December 31, 2011 will receive a free Roku HD streaming player*. As soon as the first 10 qualifying orders are confirmed, we'll send the Rokus out to the addresses listed on those accounts. That's all there is to it!

We'll leave it up to you to decide what "Magic Mojo" means, but we interpret it as a series of Do It With Drupal sessions that provide practical advice on tools and techniques to make your sites work better and faster -- like magic!

More Module Development and Rules Series Available

In this edition of New Release Wednesday, we're adding more videos to the Module Development series and wrapping up the Learn the Rules Framework series.

Today we're tackling some of the more big-picture, theoretical, and philosophical topics from Do It With Drupal 2011. This collection of sessions focuses on the ever-evolving worlds of web design, open source, and Drupal itself.

New Additions to Our Module Development and Rules Series

This week, in our continuing Module Development series, we have two new videos that create a new module and then show how the Drupal hook system works by implementing some permissions and modifying the contents of a node object.