This week we're rolling out the new Introduction to Module Development Series, starting with four videos. Introduction to Module Development for Drupal 7 (free!) provides an overview of the major topics covered throughout the course of this series, and introduces the essential tools, resources, and skills that Michelle Lauer and Joe Shindelar will cover while helping you on your way to becoming a Drupal module developing rockstar.

Take Your Site Building Skills to the Next Level

This week we have a nice mix of videos for taking your site building a step further with Rules, Image Styles, and more Advanced Theming. The next set of videos in the FREE Learning the Rules Framework series will get you into all kinds of fun:

Importing and exporting Rules enters the world of Features, looking at how to store your Rules in code instead of the database, and why that is a Good Thing ™.

The Fantasy Site sessions from Do It With Drupal 2011 are now available. See how some of your favorite sites were lovingly mimicked using Drupal.

First Do It With Drupal Session Videos Available

Starting today, Drupalize.Me is launching a new schedule where we'll release new videos every Wednesday. We're excited to be able to kick it off with the first of the Do It With Drupal session videos on Theming, including:

Jared Ponchot's Designing for Content Management Systems

Here at Drupalize.Me we're all about getting you the best Drupal learning in the easiest way possible. So we're happy to announce that we're working with NodeOne to provide a number of their videos free on Drupalize.Me. For more information on this endeavor, read NodeOne's release.

Another Drupalize.Me release, another pony. Our Daisyjo release touched lots of little bits and pieces of the site. We implemented a number of changes that many of you have been asking for, as well as adding some things that would let you get to know us a little better.

We Get Around
We just finished our Do It With Drupal conference in Brooklyn, NY. If you missed the event, or were there and missed some of the sessions (there were so many good ones to see), we'll have videos of ALL the sessions on Drupalize.Me in a few weeks. You'll need to be a subscriber to access the videos, so if you're not already, sign up today.

We've just finished posting a new video series introducing you to Drupal Theming in Drupal 7. "Theming" describes the process of customizing the look and feel of your Drupal site, which involves working with Drupal's templating system at the basic level, and writing customized theming functions in PHP at the more advanced level.

We've added a new category to the site, called Community, and we've already added two new free videos to it, Applying a patch to a module and Creating a patch for a module. We got the idea for the new category from a question asked by Paul Johnson on Twitter, and set to work on getting some videos up about patching.

At Drupalize.Me, we're constantly working to improve your learning experience. A few months ago, we built the highly requested series implementation, which meant that when you're watching a video, you can now see all the rest of the series listed videos on the same page. With that change, we realized that we needed to improve how you find videos and series alike, since our original design was not made for the concept of videos grouped together into a series. In our latest release, named Daffidazey, our new design displays both series and...

As some of you may know, we here at Drupalize.Me name our code sprints after My Little Pony™ characters. There has been a lot going on the last few months and we didn't get a chance to update you on the work we've done in our last two sprints: Ripple and Tink-a-Tink-a-Too.

I love Views! I might be a little exuberant, but seriously, it is by far, in my humble opinion, the best contributed module. And I'm not the only one that feels that way! Check out the module usage stats on As the most-downloaded contributed module, Views gets a lot of well-deserved attention. We've published a new series of videos, Intro to Views for Drupal 7, to walk you through this wonderful Drupal tool.