A look at how we design our remote workshops for flexibility and on-the-fly adjustments so that we can provide as much value as possible to the people who choose to attend.

The Drupal Association launched a new program this year that aims to provide education and mentoring for underrepresented folks, called Discover Drupal. The program's goal is to prepare the selected student participants for full-time Drupal jobs, and we're happy to be a part of this program.

We've added 8 tutorials on Views plugins to our Views for Developers course. Learn how to define field handler, pseudo field, filter, sort, area, access, and style plugins using the Views and Plugin APIs in Drupal.

10 years ago we released the first tutorials in our Drupal 7 Coding for Views Series. Today we're super excited to release the first 8 tutorials in our new Views for Developers series, a Drupal 8+ update to Coding for Views.

DrupalCon North America is happening in just over 3 weeks, as part of the larger DrupalFest, which is a series of online events happening throughout the month of April. The whole Drupalize.Me team will be there, with Addi speaking on a panel (Leadership at the intersection of business and open source).

No time to learn? What if it was a scheduled event like a workshop? Scheduled professional development events like workshops and conferences can help you get started on a new path. We have 2 theming workshops coming up in February and March for folks ready to learn Drupal's theming system.

Learn about the new Drupal decoupled menus initiative.

We're making our very first individual course available for sale, Practical Drupal Theming, with no membership required. This is based on our popular theming workshop, which we have honed and updated over the years. The course uses select tutorials from Drupalize.Me organized into a course that will help you create your first Drupal theme.

At the Portland Drupal User Group meeting, we had as a special guest, Tim Lehnen from the Drupal Association, who walked us through the new Issue Forks and Merge Requests features on We also talked about how new contributors could learn how to contribute to Drupal.

Sign up is now open for our first ever remote workshop. And Joe provides some additional insight into what we're planning.

Amber Matz and Philippa Stasiuk recently attended the online UX Writer Conference. In this blog post, they share some of the things they learned from the conference.

An example of how we're making working on the Drupalize.Me site a bit more pleasant by adding some database sanitation scripts into our CI/CD workflow.