New Tutorials in July and August

It's been a great couple of months producing and refining content for the site. Here's what we've been added to the site during July and August.

New series

New tutorials

These are existing series that have had new tutorials added to them.

Drupal 8 Entity API series additions

Configuration Management series additions

You can look forward to more new and updated tutorials every month. Right now we are working on free videos for site builders based on the Drupal 8 User Guide, and we are closing in on finishing our Drupal 8 web services and testing series in the coming months.

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Are you still doing video tutorials?

Hi Owen,

Yes, we are still doing videos. We generally create the written form first since that is faster and we can get the content to you more quickly. We then go back and add videos to the written form where it most makes sense.

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