This week, we're kicking off a new series, Working with Drupal Multisite. We're also releasing a new video in our Drush series, Installing Drush with Composer.

Wow! Somehow it's already March—time flies. Here's a list of the video tutorials we've been working on.

We're excited to introduce two new team members! Meet Blake Hall and Will Hetherington.

This week on the podcast, Amber Matz chatted with Jesus Manuel Olivas about the Drupal Console project. What is Drupal Console? The Drupal Console is, at this time, a suite of tools that you run on a command line interface (CLI) to generate boilerplate code and interact with a Drupal 8 installation.

Events in Drupal 8 allow various system components to interact and communicate with one another while remaining independent, or decoupled. The event system is built on the Symfony event dispatcher component, and is an implementation of the Mediator design pattern. This post takes an in-depth look at how module developers can subscribe to events in Drupal 8.

Last month, we posted a survey regarding your plans for learning Drupal 8. This was a follow-up to a similar survey we posted back in May, 2014. The responses we received in both instances were remarkably consistent, which is reassuring as we begin to publish our Drupal 8 tutorials. Here are a few big take-aways from our Drupal 8 surveys and some insight into our plans for Drupal 8 tutorials.

Last year was big for Drupalize.Me. We made a lot of changes to our website, and we increased the number of video tutorials we publish each week. In December 2014, our team met in Atlanta to celebrate these successes and outline a few high-level goals for 2015. The big goal to share is that we want to communicate with you more! We want to hear your suggestions for improvements, and we want to know you as individuals. We look forward to meeting and chatting with you at events like DrupalCon, but we also want to open new channels of...

This tutorial covers writing a "Hello World" test for Drupal 7 using the SimpleTest framework that comes with Drupal core, and is based on the free video Learning Test Case Basics by Writing A Hello World Test.

Ready to take your PHP development to the next level? This week, we have another batch of video tutorials from the awesome folks at JetBrains on their IDE, PhpStorm. In these tutorials, you'll learn how to generate code using templates, set up your modern PHP app with namespaces, PSR-0 or PSR-4, integrate Composer, and debug like a pro.

It's February, so it's time for another tech update. And it's a big one! Here's what we've been working on...

In this podcast Kyle Hofmeyer gets together with fellow Lullabots Joe Fender and Carwin Young to chat about their book, why they wrote it, and what it covers. From book writing, to favorite frameworks, take a listen to learn more about the book, Front-End Fundamentals.

This month, we're excited to partner with JetBrains and provide to our wonderful members and curious public (hey, that's you!) a completely free series that will get you up and running like a pro with PhpStorm.