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Meetup: Event Access Request

If you have a Meetup membership with us already, this form is where you can request activation for an upcoming event. The membership will be activated for the entire day of your event, and after the event, it will go dormant again. Once activated you will have full access to the entire Drupalize.Me site, just as any regular member.

Note that this is a single user account, so it is intended to be used and shared as a group. Individuals can not log on to the site with the same account from multiple computers or devices at the same time.

Currently this is a very manual process for us, so we are requiring that you give us at least one week's notice before your event so that we can make sure the membership will get activated in a timely manner.

If you do not already have a Meetup membership (i.e. log in information for this site), you need to apply for the membership before you can request access.

Please log in with your Meetup Membership to submit this request form.