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Meetup: Membership Application

We love supporting user groups, and we're extending FREE Drupalize.Me access to user groups on a limited basis. A Meetup membership will provide a user group with free access to the entire Drupalize.Me library on days that you have publicly listed events. This will allow you to use our videos and materials as a topic for a meetup or camp, or to begin your own local study group on a particular topic. This is a single-seat login and is appropriate for watching videos together with your group. It is not a multi-seat account that will allow each person to watch videos at their own workstation.

We currently have a limited number of Meetup memberships to offer, but we hope to expand on this program in the future. We are asking each group to submit an application. We'll review the application and get back to you with any questions that we may have. Once you receive your membership, you will get access to the library by:

  • Submitting an event access request at least one week before your event.
  • Providing us with the public event announcement.
  • We'll activate the membership for the full day of the event, and you get unlimited access to the library for that day.