Architecting, Building and Debugging a Drupal Module

Watch as Drupal 7 core maintainer - Angie Byron, and Lullabot co-founder - Jeff Robbins, concept, architect, build, and debug a Drupal module from scratch. This pair programming video shows Angie and Jeff discussing the module and then follows as the two build a complete project. The module is called Shared Blocks and allows sites to "share" blocks by providing publish and subscribe functionality between multiple Drupal sites.

If you've ever had any trepidation about building a Drupal module, this video is a great way to see how two professional developers do it - the techniques they use, the difficulties they have, and the considerations that they have in building a Drupal module.

1. Introduction
2. Technologies for remote pair programming
3. Creating the shared blocks module
4. Creating the menu callbacks & settings form
5. Finishing the settings form
6. Creating the JSON page callback for subscriptions
7. Creating and debugging a regular expression
8. Architecting the database schema
9. Implementing the database schema
10. Debugging, form validation and fetching data
11. Debugging the data transfer
12. Debugging form submission
13. Writing hook_block()
14. Writing cron hook & final touches