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Self-Serve Group Memberships

At the beginning of this month, we introduced a new feature on the site: self-serve group memberships! In the olden days, when a group wanted to purchase a membership, we asked that they email us. We then generated an invoice and emailed it back. No longer! Now, groups can purchase 5-seat memberships directly from our siteā€”no emailing or invoicing required. Not only is the signup process now very straightforward, but you can purchase a group membership on a monthly basis in addition to the annual option.

Group Subscriptions Are Ready!

We're happy to announce that we've rolled out group membership options on We even created two different approaches, so that you can pick which one works best for your group. The first option will let you buy a set number of accounts for your group (see basic pricing information in our FAQ about groups) and the second gives you unlimited accounts when accessed from a particular range of IP addresses. Here is a brief overview of the two choices and how they work.