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Panels, Blocks, Layouts, and Drupal 8

Over the years of Drupal 8 development we've heard a lot of talk about "Panels in core" or "Blocks everywhere" or "Layout all the things!" and even SCOTCH(?). What does it all mean? Is Panels actually in core? Well, no, but there are some cool improvements in Drupal 8. I decided to follow the breadcrumb trail to figure out what this initiative was really about and how it ended up, now that Drupal 8 is in beta. Join me for a little bit of a trip back through the life of the Blocks and Layouts Everywhere (SCOTCH) Initiative.

Code-Free Layout Tools for Theming Drupal

For as long as I've been working with Drupal, there's been a wonderful tension on how to make Drupal not look like Drupal. People have taken great pride in being able to recognize a Drupal site both from the rendered page in a browser, and by looking at the code. How frustrating for graphic designers who want to create an experience, not just decorate Drupal! With a greater understanding of the contributed module space, it becomes infinitely easier to make Drupal look like your solution, instead of making your solution look like Drupal.