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Release Day: Extending, Building, and Translating Drupal 8

This week we continue to explore what's new in Drupal 8. We began this series with the Theming, CMI, and OO-PHP editions of our What's New in Drupal 8 series. Last week, we covered what's new in the Entity API, Blocks, Content Authoring Experience, and Mobile and Responsive Features. This week, we have videos outlining what's new in extending Drupal 8 (where did all the hooks go?), new site building features and workflows, and multilingual features. Finally, as a bonus, we have a free video tour of, where you can see how Drupal gets translated into languages from all over the world.

Release Day: Symfony Video Tutorials Plus More Multilingual Drupal

Today we've got a bit of something for both site builders and developers: we'll wrap up our multilingual series based on Using Drupal, 2nd edition and release a brand new series of Symfony tutorials from our partners and PHP/Symfony training experts over at KnpUniversity.

Release Day: Configuring Content Translation in Drupal

Today we invite you to take a closer look at content translation in Drupal. Based on Chapter 8: Multilingual in Using Drupal, 2nd edition, these video tutorials provide a step-by-step visualization of the instructions and information detailed in the book.

When it comes to "content" on a Drupal site, it's not always straightfoward to find out where certain words and phrases displayed on the page can be edited. In these lessons, Addison Berry will guide you through content translation configuration by introducing you to a suite of modules that can enable you to translate the various forms of content on your site. She'll also cover content selection—so that your users can get to the content in the language they need—as well as translating values stored in Drupal's variables table, such as the site name and slogan.

Videos in this week's release:

Release Day: Using Drupal to Build Multilingual Websites

Building multilingual websites in Drupal can be a daunting exercise. Understanding how each module works and how which set of configuration it provides is a task in and of itself. In this series based on Using Drupal, 2nd edition, Chapter 8: Multilingual, from O'Reilly Media, Addison Berry walks through a case study, module spotlights, and hands-on configuration that will help you understand and utilize the multilingual capabilities provided by both core and contributed modules.

This week, we release the first six videos of the series:

Podcast Episode #29: Translation Management

We're happy to give you Episode 29 of the Drupalize.Me podcast, with Christophe Galli and Miro Dietiker, to talk about Translation Management. This is a great project, available as a module on, that works with various multilingual modules to help you keep your site translation organized. There are a lot of moving pieces in a multilingual site, and these guys have been up to their elbows with it for a long time.

Drupal 8: New Multilingual Features

Last week I was in Dublin for Drupal Dev Days. While my main activity was conducting a Community Tools workshop on the Friday of the camp, I was there the whole week, while an intrepid team of people have been meeting up at the venue in the final sprint to the Drupal code freeze, which was on Monday, July 1st! (Holy cow!) One of the groups who has been plowing ahead at full steam is the Multilingual team. I even got to help out with some wording in one of the issues someone was working on.