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Google Summer of Code 2017 Begins

Today marks the start of another Google Summer of Code, which is the 12th year that Drupal has been selected to work with a terrific group of bright and eager students. In this great program, Google pays students to work on various open source projects for 10 weeks. Our 8 students are working on some pretty cool projects with 15 community mentors. They have spent the last few weeks getting oriented in our community, and the actual coding work begins today. The deadline for their projects is August 29th. Drupalize.Me is proud to support these students by providing them with free memberships for the duration of the projects so they can dive right into Drupal 8.

Catching the Spirit of Open Hardware

Drupalize.Me trainer Amber Matz attended this year's Open Hardware Summit in Portland and reports back on what she took away from the event.

Google Summer of Code 2016 is on!

Summertime in the northern hemisphere means it’s time for Google’s Summer of Code (GSoC). In this great program, Google pays students to work on various open source projects for 10 weeks. Drupal was once again selected to mentor students. Our 11 students are working on some pretty cool projects with 26 community mentors.

Open Source Provides New Opportunities

Two weeks ago I read an article that came up in my Twitter stream, titled Canary in the Code Mine. It is the story of a company, BitSource, located in Pikesville, Kentucky, that is trying to find a new way forward in the tech world for coal miners who are being laid off in droves. They couldn't do what they are aiming for if it wasn't for open source.

Supporting Open Source the Gittip Way

There has been a lot of talk in the Drupal community recently about Gittip. Gittip is a way to donate money to people who are doing good work. The part that really makes Gittip different from other donation or crowd-funding plans is that it is set up to provide regular, weekly payments. One-time gifts are great, but a steady source of income is what a lot of people really need, especially folks who are mostly unemployed and working essentially for free on projects you care about. A few weeks back we had Alex Pott on the podcast (Episode 23: Alex Pott and Working on Drupal Core) to talk about his work, and the fact that he has been self-funding himself to be able to focus on Drupal core. We think this is a really, really important conversation in the Drupal community, and definitely recommend you listen to the podcast for more insight.

Oscon Can Be Worth the Investment

In a few short weeks I'll be headed on the road once again for two great events: Twin Cities DrupalCamp and OSCON. On the surface these two events couldn't be more different. One is intimate, inexpensive, and full of Drupal. The other is big, an investment, and has hardly any Drupal. Seems like an obvious win for Twin Cities DrupalCamp, right? Well, let's dive a little deeper into what makes OSCON worth the price tag.