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Load Testing Our Site on Pantheon

I did some load testing to try and answer the question; How did moving our site from Linode to Pantheon affect the performance-measured in response time-of our site for both members and non-members?

Speed Up CasperJS Tests by Skipping Unnecessary HTTP Resources

You know all those JavaScript tracking codes that get added to the footer of every page on your site? Google Analytics is the classical example, but there are tons of others out there. They are slowing your pages down, which in turn slows down your test suite. In this post we'll look at how you can skip unnecessary resources when using CasperJS for testing.

Release Day: Drupal 7 Testing Wrap-Up With AJAX SimpleTest & Unit Tests

This week we're going to wrap things up in our testing Drupal 7 with SimpleTest series. And it's a doozy. We'll cover, submitting AJAX forms, uploading files, writing unit tests, and the SimpleTest 7.x-2.x contributed module.

Release Day: Forms, Permissions, and More Testing Drupal 7 with SimpleTest

Continuing on the knowledge that we learned last week, this week's release includes more tutorials in the testing Drupal 7 with SimpleTest series. This week covers, writing your first test, different types of assertions, navigation with the SimpleTest browser, and user authentication.

Release Day: Getting Started With Testing Drupal 7 With SimpleTest

Today we kick off a new series on writing tests for Drupal 7 using the SimpleTest framework included with Drupal core. This week introduces the concept of testing, some terminology specific to the SimpleTest framework, and walks through locating and running existing tests.

Using A Remote Debugger With CasperJS and PhantomJS

Earlier this year, my colleague wrote about how we've started using CasperJS at Lullabot to perform regression testing. I didn't have much chance to dig into it until recently, when we decided to implement some tests for Drupalize.Me. So far, I'm really enjoying CasperJS—except when something in my test simply doesn't work, and I spend hours asking CasperJS to take screenshots using console.log(), trying to discover what's happening. Fed up with this process, I wanted a debugger... Podcast 20: Bdd, Behat, and Drupal

In the latest podcast episode, BDD, Behat, and Drupal, the Drupalize.Me team is joined by Melissa Anderson (eliza411) to talk about Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) and using a testing tool called Behat.