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Release Day: Build a Product Review Website

In this week's release, we kick-off a new video learning series, Using Drupal Chapter 5: Product Reviews. In this series, you'll learn how to create a product reviews website, complete with integration with data and a rating system. You'll also get the chance to flex those Views muscles, as Addison Berry walks you through how to create product review lists that rock.

We're excited to release the first four videos in this series:

Release Day: Text Formats, WYSIWYG, and Media

After a brief break from our video schedule, we are back on track this week, picking up the trail on the Using Drupal Chapter 4, Media Management series. In these three lessons we'll take a look at how to get media into the body of our content, instead of as a separate field in our nodes. We'll look at what general solutions are out there for web development, by taking a look at tools like BUEditor, Markdown, and CKEditor and explaining what WYSIWYG is all about. We'll also spend some time to explain the very important, but often overlooked, text format feature of Drupal. This is an important concept to understand to make your content editing experience better, and make sure you keep your site secure. Lastly, we get a nice, shiny WYSIWYG installed on our site, and integrate our Media Browser with it.

Release Day: Getting Started with Media Management

Last week we started off two new series on Media module, each covering a different major version. This week we are plowing ahead with the Using Drupal Chapter 4: Media Management series, which covers Media version 2.x. These lessons will give you an overview of the Media Module and the various things it will do for us. After that, we're going to dive right in to building our music review site by building out the review content type, and playing around with our field display to make sure things are looking the way we intend.

Release Day: Two New Series on Media Module

This week we are starting off two new series at the same time to cover a very important topic for web sites today: Media Management. Almost every site out there needs to work with media in some way, whether it is just uploading images in your blog posts, or having to work with audio and videos in a variety of ways. In Drupal 7 the Media module has become the go-to solution for handling the full range of media needs.

Release Day: Reviewing Our Job Board Project

Today we are going to wrap things up on the Using Drupal Chapter 3: Job Board series. We've created a site that meets the Epic University requirements, and learned the fundamental building blocks of putting together a Drupal site. In our last two lessons we are going to look at modules we could use to make our site even better, and then we are going to do our final tour and review of the site we've built, looking at what we've done, and how we built it.

Release Day: Views Overrides and Relationships

We are getting close to completing our site in the Using Drupal Chapter 3: Job Board series. This week we are going to finish up our requirements by building out the Applications view. This view gets a little tricky though, because we need to create three very different displays, and control who has access to some of those displays. This means we'll be doing a lot of overrides in our different displays. We also get to work with Views relationships to pull even more information into our view.

Release Day: Using the Views Module

In this week's installment of the Using Drupal Chapter 3: Job Board series, we get into the world of Views. The Views module is the most used contributed module in Drupal 7. It is so popular in fact, that it has been included in core for Drupal 8. Views lets us list content on our site. It can be used to accomplish so many tasks when it comes to building your site that you really do need a good foundation with this to understand many Drupal site-building concepts.

Release Day: Building with Fields and Views

This week we are moving on to the next chapter of the O'Reilly Using Drupal series with Using Drupal Chapter 3: Job Board, where we will build out a job board to get familiar with the two fundamental building blocks of Drupal sites: Fields and Views. Through this series we'll create two new content types with a variety of fields, and then explore using Views to create custom lists of that content, including creating dynamic, contextual listings.

Release Day: Finishing the Jumpstart Project

This week we will finish up the Mom and Pop, Inc. website we're building for the Drupal Jumpstart series, from the O'Reilly book Using Drupal, Second Edition. Throughout this series we've been learning the basic building blocks of Drupal through creating content, working with modules, configuring access permissions, and creating users. To wrap things up today, we'll be discussing content moderation methods, and changing the look of your site with themes.

Release Day: Drupal Basics with the Jumpstart Series

This week we get to dig into the first case study from the O'Reilly Media book, Using Drupal, 2nd Edition, with the the Drupal Jumpstart series. This series will walk through Drupal basics by building a simple site for Mom and Pop, Inc. You can watch the overview of our case study for free. We will cover things like the administrative interface, and working with content, comments, menus, and blocks this week.

Release Day: Installing and Updating Drupal

This week we have our third series in the Using Drupal guide, Using Drupal Appendix A: Installing and Updating Drupal. We're skipping ahead to this particular appendix before diving into the case studies to make sure you're ready to go with the basics of getting a Drupal site installed and ready to go.

Using Drupal Book in Video Lessons

Many moons ago, back in 2008, several Lullabots wrote the first edition of Using Drupal, published by O'Reilly Media. In 2012, myself and Angie Byron, with the help of Bruno DeBondt, updated Using Drupal with a second edition for Drupal 7. This year we're happy to announce the video version of Using Drupal.