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Cleaning Up Database Tables to Speed Up Development Cycles

An example of how we're making working on the Drupalize.Me site a bit more pleasant by adding some database sanitation scripts into our CI/CD workflow.

Our Development Workflow and Pantheon Multidev

When we were considering switching to the Pantheon hosting platform, one of the features that made us confident in our decision is what they call Multidev.

At its core, Multidev is just a method of spinning up complete environments for code that hasn't yet been merged into the main development branch. The main benefit to this is that it makes it incredibly easy to build a complete website environment that parallels your live site where any team member can functionally and visually test changes before they're fully merged.

This blog post covers the Drupalize.Me team's development workflow, and how we're using Pantheon's Multidev to be more efficient.

Load Testing Our Site on Pantheon

I did some load testing to try and answer the question; How did moving our site from Linode to Pantheon affect the performance-measured in response time-of our site for both members and non-members?

Drupalize.Me Now Powered by Pantheon

If you're following along at home, you may have seen that we recently made the move to Pantheon hosting. Last week during our maintenance window, Joe and I worked through our migration checklist, and officially moved the site over to our new host. The process had a few hiccups, but we thought it would be interesting to take a look at what went into our migration process. Hopefully sharing what went into our planning process, as well as what is in our pipeline for improvements now that we're on Pantheon, will help you if you ever find yourself facing a similar project.

We're Moving to Pantheon

We’re happy to announce that we are moving the Drupalize.Me site to Pantheon hosting. We’ve partnered with Pantheon in the past to bring you a full series on using this great service. We’re glad to deepen our partnership and take advantage of Pantheon’s great tools to support ourselves. Moving a site to new infrastructure is always a big task, so we’re going to share our process with you as we make the move.