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Release Day: Building Web Services with Drupal 7

This week, we're introducing a new series for you module developers out there: Building Web Services with Drupal 7. Why? Because you asked for it. We keep a close eye on the suggestion box and one of your highest voted requests was using Services—and for good reason. Web Services are all the rage right now as the demand increases for the delivery of structured data decoupled from its visual display.


This series is all about helping you get up to speed on Web Services: what they are, why you would want to use them, and how Drupal's built-in tools for structuring data makes it a natural fit for building Web Services, especially with the aid of the Services module. You'll learn how to create a full-featured and custom-made REST API for Drupal-based applications.


To kick things off, Joe Shindelar introduces you to Web Services, REST, and the Drupal contrib Services module in these first four videos:

Git with It: an Introduction to Version Control with Git Workshop

We're excited to share and invite you to our upcoming workshop: Git With It, an introduction to Git at MinneWebCon on April 16th. MinneWebCon is a 2-day, grassroots, knowledge-sharing conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that unites web lovers from every industry.