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Debug any of Drupal's PHPUnit tests in PhpStorm with a DDEV-Local Environment

Being able to execute, and step debug, Drupal's test using the PhpStorm UI makes it easier and more efficient to write tests for your projects. Learn how to configure PhpStorm to run Drupal's PHPUnit tests inside of a DDEV-Local environment using docker-compose and a remote PHP CLI Interpreter. This setup will work for both Drupal core and your custom code.

Learning to Debug: Stop Thinking and Look

Debugging is a discipline that requires patience, and a fervent attention to detail. In the often times fast paced world of software development, when we're faced with deadlines, and an ever growing list of new features to add, and bugs to resolve, it can be a difficult to slow down and proceed in a meticulous, measured fashion. When it comes to solving difficult problems though, this fastidious approach is exactly what's required to locate, and resolve, a problem's root cause.

Learning to Debug: Stop Making Assumptions

Here's an example of an assumption; The sun will rise tomorrow. An assumption is something that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof. This kind of thinking, while convenient, is prone to concealing facts, and troublesome when debugging code. This article defines what an assumption is, and provides some techniques for helping to eliminate them during debugging.

Using A Remote Debugger With CasperJS and PhantomJS

Earlier this year, my colleague wrote about how we've started using CasperJS at Lullabot to perform regression testing. I didn't have much chance to dig into it until recently, when we decided to implement some tests for Drupalize.Me. So far, I'm really enjoying CasperJS—except when something in my test simply doesn't work, and I spend hours asking CasperJS to take screenshots using console.log(), trying to discover what's happening. Fed up with this process, I wanted a debugger...

Careful With That Debug Syntax

A funny thing happened last week. On Wednesday, we performed our weekly code deployment and released a handful of new features/bug fixes to the site. And then, about an hour later, someone on the team found this: