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Tutorial: Vagrant Drupal 8 Development

Vagrant Drupal Development (VDD) is a ready-to-use development environment using a virtual machine. Why use it? It provides a standard hosting setup, contained in a virtual machine, for developing with Drupal. This allows you to get up and running really, really quickly, without knowing anything about server administration.

Drupalize.Me Podcast Episode 41

In Episode 41, Virtualization with Vagrant, Emma Jane Westby and Erika Heidi chat about creating virtual environments with Vagrant. Through their light-hearted approach to technical topics, we hope Emma and Erika are able to make Vagrant seem a little more accessible, if not downright fun.

Release Day: Provisioning Vagrant

Last week we started our learning series, Introduction to Vagrant. In the first five lessons we covered the basics of getting Vagrant installed and running. We treated the server as if it were a regular Ubuntu server and installed our LAMP stack "by hand". In this week's videos we're going to turn things up to 11 and add in configuration management for automated provisioning with Chef.

Release Day: Introduction to Vagrant

Last summer I wrote a little blog post on the different environments I have setup in my home office. One of the things I touched on was the Vagrant environment I use on my OSX machine. In that blog post I asked you to drop us a line if you wanted a lesson series on how to use Vagrant. You responded with a resounding "YES!", so I am delighted to announce our latest learning series: An Introduction to Vagrant.

Release Day: Wrapping Up Web Services

This week, we're wrapping up Joe Shindelar's latest series Building Web Services with Drupal 7. In these last four videos, you will learn how to use Views to build your API, how to create your own services resource in a custom module, and best practices for how to document your API. Next week, Emma Jane Westby guides you through the process of setting up Vagrant as a local development environment in her series Introduction to Vagrant.