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Field API Tutorials Added

Recently we bolstered our Drupal 8 Module Development Guide with a few new tutorials. In particular I'd like to highlight 5 of them today that all have to do with Drupal's Field API from a developer perspective.

Release Day: Field Widgets and Formatters

Last week, we got started with the Field API. And this week, we'll continue with code-walkthrough videos for Drupal module developers who want to add field widgets, settings, and field formatters to custom fields.

Release Day: Get Started with Field API

Robust content modeling is made possible in Drupal 7 through fields. Attaching the right field types to entities makes it possible to bend your Drupal site to your will and scale it according to your needs. There are a lot of field types and field formatters provided in Contrib that you can download and install as modules to extend your Drupal 7 site. But what if you want to collect, store and format data in a particular way not provided by core or contributed modules? By providing custom fields and formatters through a module, you can control how your data is stored as well as provide one or more ways for the data to be output—through field formatters.