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New Tutorials in July and August

It's been a great couple of months producing and refining content for the site. Here's what we've been working during July and August, 2017.

New Tutorials and Tutorial Updates

We've been so busy adding and updating our content that we haven't had a chance to write about what we've done lately -- until now! Here's what we've been working on these past few months.

Field API Tutorials Added

Recently we bolstered our Drupal 8 Module Development Guide with a few new tutorials. In particular I'd like to highlight 5 of them today that all have to do with Drupal's Field API from a developer perspective.

New Hands-on Exercises for Module Development

We've added several new tutorials to our free Hands-on Exercises: Movie Project, which dive into module development. The first 16 exercises covered site building and theming. These latest additions continue to develop the same movie review site. They require you to start building your own custom modules to add a custom form for adding movie information to the site and use an external API to find and grab the information you need.

New and Updated Tutorials: January-February 2017

We've been busy creating tutorials for you! Mostly we've been focusing on Drupal 8 module development, but we've also made updates to our Configuration Management and Drupal 8 Theming series. In addition, we have a fresh batch of Drupal 7 Hands-On Exercises using the Movie Project. Check out what we've published or updated in January and February of 2017.

Site Update: Navigation for Tutorials

We've been working hard to improve the navigation on our new tutorials. Today we released a new and improved design that makes navigating tutorials much easier. See it in action in our Drupal 8 Theming Guide.

Improved Tutorials

We're introducing a new way of presenting educational material on our site that allows for more flexibility in the types of content we include and how we present it. Read more to find out about our new tutorials and what you can expect to see as we begin rolling out our Drupal 8 content.

Creating Block Types with Bean

Whether you're a Drupal beginner or veteran module developer, one thing everyone understands about Drupal is the core block system is very limiting. There are lots of modules out there that attempt to make blocks more robust. Heck, site builders have even used Views as a complete block replacement. There is one module that makes blocks a ton more useful and that is the Bean module (Block Entities Aren't Nodes). The Bean module replaces a lot of modules we used in the past to give blocks more power and function. Drupal 8 even works just like the Bean module out of the box. Instead of using Views or making nodes blocks, Bean gives us fieldable block types.

New PHP Tutorials from Symfony Experts KNP Labs

We're excited to announce a new partnership with KNP Labs to provide our members with expert PHP and Symfony2 lessons.