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Speed Up CasperJS Tests by Skipping Unnecessary HTTP Resources

You know all those JavaScript tracking codes that get added to the footer of every page on your site? Google Analytics is the classical example, but there are tons of others out there. They are slowing your pages down, which in turn slows down your test suite. In this post we'll look at how you can skip unnecessary resources when using CasperJS for testing.

Using A Remote Debugger With CasperJS and PhantomJS

Earlier this year, my colleague wrote about how we've started using CasperJS at Lullabot to perform regression testing. I didn't have much chance to dig into it until recently, when we decided to implement some tests for Drupalize.Me. So far, I'm really enjoying CasperJS—except when something in my test simply doesn't work, and I spend hours asking CasperJS to take screenshots using console.log(), trying to discover what's happening. Fed up with this process, I wanted a debugger...