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Release Day: Managing Media in Drupal and New Layout Builder Videos

In this series, you'll learn how to configure and use the Media and Media Library module's in Drupal core as well as related contributed modules. Throughout the series we'll look at the Media ecosystem from the perspective of a site administrator, content editors, themers, and developers.

Embed YouTube Videos with Media and Media Internet Sources

YouTube is a great service for storing and managing your videos. While this is handy, many people want to be able to display their videos within their own website as well. In this tutorial we'll see how the Media, Media Internet Sources, and Media: YouTube modules can help give you a nice, seamless way to integrate YouTube videos into your site, and give really nice control over how those videos look, along with some built-in media management tools.

Release Day: Wrapping up Media with YouTube Videos

This week we are wrapping up our Working with Media Module in Drupal 7 series. We complete the site by getting our music views into place and adding YouTube video embeds. In the process of finishing up with our YouTube video content type, we also have to dive into the Media File Type settings. There are several layers to getting Media module displays to look and behave the way we want. The most confusing aspect of working with Media is knowing how the file type field display and the file display works together, so we walk through the steps for finding which settings we need to change and then playing with the display flexibility Media provides us. We finish things up by taking a tour of the finished site to review how we've built it out, along with a look at some other cool modules we could add. 

Release Day: Tame Images and Audio with Media Module

This week, we'll tame images and audio files as we continue our Working with Media Module in Drupal 7 series with Addison Berry. You'll get a guided tour of the maze of configuration necessary for getting images in-line inside your content, understand how one configuration screen affects another, master text formats, and create custom WYSIWYG toolbars. Then you'll move on to to look at HTML5 and Flash-fallback media players to create a media-rich website that rocks! Get ready to become a master of media in this week's videos:

Release Day: Creating Image Galleries

This week we turn our attention back to the Working with Media Module in Drupal 7 series. We have a basic site in place, and now we need to add some features to make it rich with media. These three videos walk through the steps to create good-looking image galleries. They also show how we can work with third-party JavaScript libraries to enhance features on our site. Finally we add a listing page and front page block so users can find our new galleries.

Media Explained: A Free Acquia Webinar

Pictures. Podcasts. Videos. If you've ever tried to incorporate rich media files into your web site using only Drupal core, you probably got a shiver down your spine when I said that. Fortunately there is a solution.

Release Day: Wrapping up Media 2.x

This week, we're finishing up our Using Drupal, Chapter 4 series, which covers media management with Media 2. We finish off our site by adding the ability to embed YouTube videos on the site very easily. This introduces us to the Media Internet Sources module and the concept of stream wrappers. Once we've finished building the site, we take a look at some ways to extend the site further on your own, and then summarize everything we've done to get to the final product.

Release Day: Getting Started with Media Management

Last week we started off two new series on Media module, each covering a different major version. This week we are plowing ahead with the Using Drupal Chapter 4: Media Management series, which covers Media version 2.x. These lessons will give you an overview of the Media Module and the various things it will do for us. After that, we're going to dive right in to building our music review site by building out the review content type, and playing around with our field display to make sure things are looking the way we intend.

Release Day: Two New Series on Media Module

This week we are starting off two new series at the same time to cover a very important topic for web sites today: Media Management. Almost every site out there needs to work with media in some way, whether it is just uploading images in your blog posts, or having to work with audio and videos in a variety of ways. In Drupal 7 the Media module has become the go-to solution for handling the full range of media needs.