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Release Day: Drupal 8 Blocks, Entities, and More

This week we continue our series of presentations on What's New in Drupal 8. We'll explore blocks, the entity API, the all new content authoring experience, and mobile and responsive features in Drupal core.

Enable Responsive Layouts with Viewport Meta Tag

In this tutorial, you will learn how to enable responsive layouts in your theme by adding a viewport meta tag to your html template file. For more context and a demonstration, watch the free video, Adding the Viewport Meta Tag to html.tpl.php in the Getting Started with Responsive Web Design in Drupal series, now on Drupalize.Me.

Release Day: Another Batch of Responsive Web Design Videos

Happy Release Day! Today we are wrapping up the Getting Started with Responsive Web Design in Drupal series. We're going to look at a responsive Views-based slideshow plugin based on the Flexslider Javascript library and refactor our Views Slideshow with Flexslider instead. Then, we're going to tackle a variety of "clean-up" tasks. It's all about the details, right? First, we'll update the styles of our search form so that it doesn't break out of its sidebar region. Next, we'll take a critical look at our header and navigation content on a mobile-sized screen and make room for more important content as well as update the styles of our responsive menu provided by a contributed module to better match our site's design. Finally, we'll look at an option for making our content contained in an HTML table more reader-friendly on smaller, but important, devices. We'll also address a problem of up-scaled images and have a bit more fun with media queries.

Release Day: Diving into Responsive Web Design

Today, we're releasing the next installment of our series, Getting Started with Responsive Web Design in Drupal with me, your hostess, Amber Himes Matz. Up until this point, we've been focusing on making our site's layout more flexible and ensuring that our typography is expressed in relative units, not pixels. Now, we'll explore a newer feature of CSS that enables us to create blocks of CSS that apply under certain conditions, called media queries. We'll learn about viewport meta tags, breakpoints, flexible images and video, and a Drupal contributed module that provides mobile-friendly navigation.

Podcast Episode 22: Decoupling Drupal

In the latest episode of the Drupalize.Me podcast, #22 Decoupling Drupal, we chat about what it looks like to separate Drupal's content management from the display of the content, by bypassing the Drupal theme system entirely.