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Release Day: Finishing the Jumpstart Project

This week we will finish up the Mom and Pop, Inc. website we're building for the Drupal Jumpstart series, from the O'Reilly book Using Drupal, Second Edition. Throughout this series we've been learning the basic building blocks of Drupal through creating content, working with modules, configuring access permissions, and creating users. To wrap things up today, we'll be discussing content moderation methods, and changing the look of your site with themes.

Release Day: Installing and Updating Drupal

This week we have our third series in the Using Drupal guide, Using Drupal Appendix A: Installing and Updating Drupal. We're skipping ahead to this particular appendix before diving into the case studies to make sure you're ready to go with the basics of getting a Drupal site installed and ready to go.

Community Tools Curriculum (and a Dreditor Video)

On the eve of DrupalCon Portland, we're happy to be able to get another free community video out, Installing and Using Dreditor. What's more exciting though, is that this video is part of our Community Tools workshop, and in an effort to spread Drupal community involvement further than where we can show up to run this free workshop, we're putting all of our materials and notes online for everyone to use freely, with the Community Tools curriculum.

A Workshop is Born

Release Day: Finishing up the Entity Series

Well, today we finally wrap up our custom entity we've been working with in the Working with Entities in Drupal 7 series. To finish things up, we will be improving our entity property information, so that other parts of Drupal, like Views, can really make the best use of the data we have to present. We'll also explore entity metadata wrappers, which will make it much easier for us, and others, to get access to the info about our entities.

Release Day: Entities, Views, and a Better UI

This week in the Working with Entities in Drupal 7 series we work on ways to expand how the content is output by working with Drupal view modes (like full, teaser, RSS, etc.), and integrating our entity with the Views module. With these pieces in place, we turn back to our administrative interface, to clean that up a bit by overriding the default UI Controller to customize our UI.

Release Day: Creating a Custom Entity

This week we move on in our Working with Entities in Drupal 7 series to beginning to create our own custom entity. We start by sketching out the use case we will be tackling in this series, which will be to create a video entity, and look at why we want this to be a custom entity instead of a using Drupal's existing node entity. Then we dive into setting up the basics of our entity, and getting an introduction to the entity classes we will be using.

New Series: Working with Entities in Drupal 7

This week we are kicking off a brand new series, Working with Entities in Drupal 7. Entities were introduced in Drupal 7, and are an extremely useful tool, though they have been somewhat confusing for people to work with. In this series we will start out by explaining what entities are, in addition to things like bundles, fields, and entity types. We then spend time understanding how you can use the Entity API to work with existing Drupal entities in you own custom module work.

Release Day: Keeping Git Clean and Working with Remote Repos

In this week's installment on the Introduction to Git series we take a look at cleaning things up, and working with remote repositories. Starting off, we work with the reset, clean, and revert commands to allow us to control which state of things we'd like to have our repository set to. We can use reset and clean to discard local work and get us back in sync with the repository. We can also use revert to actually move our checkout to any state we like from the repository history.

Release Day: More Git and 700 Videos!

This week we're excited to hit 700 great Drupal training videos! The videos that are hitting that goal for us are a continuation of our Introduction to Git series. In this installment we are walking through the important task of resolving conflicts in Git, as well as taking a deeper look at several common commands. Conflicts in your code are going to happen, and it's important to understand how to correct those so you can move on with your work.

Release Day: A Git Crash Course

This week we continue with out Introduction to Git series by diving in and getting a crash course on using Git. We're going to start off by creating our first repository, adding a file to it, making changes, and then seeing how to get Git tracking our work. The other videos this week will dive deeper into looking at your Git history, moving around with that history, and reviewing the changes you've made over time.

New Series: Introduction to Git

This week we're kicking off a new series, Introduction to Git, that will teach you to use the Git distributed version control system (DVCS) for source code management (SCM). Git is the version control system used for Drupal core and contributed module development, as well as projects like the Linux kernel, Ruby on Rails, Android, and many, many others. This is an in-depth series that starts with the basics of version control, establishes some terminology, and a base line workflow, then continues to build on that by going beyond the basics of the various Git commands to make the most out of your tools.

Release Day: More Module Monday Lessons

Last week we introduced a new group of videos, based on the Lullabot Module Monday articles. This week, we present three more for your enjoyment. In this batch of module goodies we look at making things easier for site editors, setting up a theme style guide right inside the site, how to perform a password reset for all of the users on your site (though we hope you never have to!).