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New and Updated Tutorials on Deploying Configuration

We've updated our Configuration Management series with new tutorials on deployment workflows as well as updated tutorials on managing and inspecting configuration with Drush (now with Drush 9 commands). We've also done some re-arranging and moved our tutorials about using Drupal's Configuration API in a module to a new series, Configuration Entities. Finally, we've added a new tutorial on setting up and using Drush Site Aliases, since this is a prerequisite for completing the new tutorial Live vs. Local Configuration Management. Happy configuration managing!

Updated Tutorials: Configuration Management

We've done a major overhaul of the tutorials in our Drupal 8 configuration management series, re-recording video tutorials, adding written tutorials to complement videos, correcting errors, and adding new information.

Release Day: Configuration Management

Today, we're excited to release a new series of Drupal 8 tutorials on Configuration Management. In this series of tutorials—containing both written tutorials and video walk-throughs—you'll learn all about the new configuration system in Drupal. This series has something for both site administrators and module developers. As a site administrator, you'll learn how to use tools within the administrative UI to manage your site's configuration. And for module developers, you'll learn how to leverage the configuration system in a custom module and integrate configuration management into your development workflow.