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Tutorial: Panels as Blocks

In this tutorial, you will learn how to place panels in any region of your theme using Drupal's Blocks UI and a module packaged within the Panels project: Mini Panels. This tutorial is based on a free video in our library, Placing Panels in Blocks with Mini Panels

Release Day: Extend and Export Modules to Level Up Your Panels Site-Building

Today, we've got another batch of video tutorials to wrap up our series on Building Websites in Drupal with Panels. This week's lessons focus on other modules related to Panels such as Mini Panels, Panel Nodes, and Panelizer modules.

Fresh New Video Tutorials: Building Sites in Drupal 7 with Panels & Views

Today we're excited to roll out a new installment in our series on Building Websites in Drupal 7 with Panels. In the continuation of this series, I will be walking you through modules and functionality provided by Panels, CTools, Page Manager, Views and more.

Release Day: Writing Views Handlers and Panels Variants

This week we're happy to continue two series for you. Coding for Views series continues to dive into fields and handlers, while the FREE Building Websites Using Panels series looks at using variants.

Coding for Views

New Series: Building Websites with the Panels Module and More Coding for Views

This week we are launching a great new series by Jen Lampton, "Building Websites Using the Panels Module," in addition to continuing our Coding for Views series. The Panels module which has been a long requested video series from our members and we are proud to kick that off with this introductory set of videos.

Jen covers everything from the Panels interface to using variants for multi-scenario layouts. She'll cover creating multi-column pages and how the Page Manager module, part of CTools, with Panels gives us a much more flexible layout engine than Drupal alone. This will lay a great foundation for a future, advanced series on how to use code with Panels to really get crazy.