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Pausing Our Podcast

This week, instead of publishing a regular podcast episode, we recorded a short update about the podcast itself. We're not producing any more episodes for the rest of 2015, but you can look forward to a new, better podcast in 2016.

Podcast Episode No. 67: SEO and Customer Data

Why is SEO important to site owners? What tools and strategies can be used to gather and analyze site visitor data?

Podcast Episode 66: Project Management

In this week's Drupalize.Me podcast, hostess Amber Matz chats about all things Project Management with Seth Brown (COO at Lullabot) and Lullabot Technical Project Managers Jessica Mokrzecki and Jerad Bitner. To continue the conversation, check out Drupalize.Me's series on Project Management featuring interviews and insights from these fine folks and others at Lullabot.

Podcast Episode 65: Web Accessibility

Join Amber Matz as she chats with web accessibility aficionados Mike Gifford, Chris Albrecht, and Helena Zubkow about what web developers and Drupalistas can do to build more accessible web sites. How has web accessibility changed over the years? Who is being left behind? What are some common gotchas? What are some easy ways to get started testing for accessibility? All these questions and more are discussed in today's podcast. Don't forget to check out the links and resources in the show notes for all sorts of useful things mentioned in our discussion.

Drupalize.Me Podcast 64: DrupalCon Los Angeles Redux

The entire Drupalize.Me team, along with most of Lullabot, was in Los Angeles last week for DrupalCon, and we had a blast. In podcast episode 64 Addi gathered a few Lullabots together to talk about DrupalCon highs and lows, along with our top session picks (and a link to all of the DrupalCon session videos).

Drupalize.Me Podcast 63: The Syfy Project

The redesigned website is a beautiful example of the latest in front-end technology. Lullabot developers Mike Herchel and Chris Albrecht join the Drupalize.Me podcast to explain it all.

Podcast Episode 62: Distributed Design

Design work is a lot of show-and-tell. It can be challenging to effectively communicate and collaborate on a distributed team. Join hostess Amber Matz, Lullabot Creative Director Jared Ponchot, Lullabot UX Designer Jen Witkowski, and Justin Harrell, Interactive Designer for Drupalize.Me, as they talk about the unique challenges, processes, and tools they use as part of a distributed team.

Drupalize.Me Podcast 61: Mental Health and Open Source

This week's podcast, Episode 61: Mental Health and Open Source, dives into the private topic of our mental health. A few Lullabots are joined by Mike Bell, who recently gave a presentation on this topic, sharing his own personal journey. We discuss the pressures and effects we've all experienced in different ways, as well as the ways we've worked to manage our own mental health, and ways the Drupal and open source communities can help.

Recording Podcasts: Creating The Skype-O-Saurus

The Drupalize.Me podcast (formerly the Lullabot podcast) has been running for many years now. During this time, not much has changed as far as what makes the podcast itself. There is theme music, a host, guests, event updates, and now even sound effects. Even when it comes to how we record a podcast, not much is different in either the method or the technology. What can make or break a podcast, though, is the quality of the sound. I'm not talking about if the podcast is HD or anything, but what the overall quality of a person's voice is, the ability to reduce or eliminate background distractions, or even just being able to create a good mix of volumes. All these things are great to be able to have some control over and edit before putting the podcast out to the masses.

Drupalize.Me Podcast No. 60

A new podcast, Drupalize.Me 2015 Spring Update, is ready for a listen. The Drupalize.Me team typically gets together each quarter to go over the past goals and create new ones.

Podcast 59: DrupalCon Bogotá Recap

In this week's episode, DrupalCon Bogotá Recap, Addi is joined by Lullabots Joe Shindelar, Chris Albrecht, Mike Herchel and Daniel Dalgo to talk about their awesome trip to Bogotá, Colombia for the first DrupalCon Latin America. We talk Drupal, highlights from the 'con, and some of the great things about Bogotá.

Podcast No. 58: Drupal Console

This week on the podcast, Amber Matz chatted with Jesus Manuel Olivas about the Drupal Console project. What is Drupal Console? The Drupal Console is, at this time, a suite of tools that you run on a command line interface (CLI) to generate boilerplate code and interact with a Drupal 8 installation.