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Drupalize.Me Podcast Episode 36

In our latest podcast episode we have two guests, Klaus Purer (klausi) and Lin Clark (linclark) joining Addi and Joe Fender to talk about the new REST module that has been added to Drupal 8 core. This makes it easy to output your content in multiple formats, including HTML, JSON and XML. Having REST in core makes it easy for non-Drupal, external apps to create and maintain content on your site. We start off asking the basic question "What is REST?" and go on to discuss what this looks like in Drupal 8, with a side journey talking about the pros and cons of the HAL JSON format, and wrap up with a list of resources where you can learn more about REST, and how it will work in Drupal 8.

Drupalize.Me Podcast Episode 35

In this week's episode, Object Oriented PHP, I'm joined by Lorna Jane Mitchell and Joe Fender to step outside of Drupal a little and look at the larger PHP landscape. We discuss what all this talk of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) means. Lorna Jane is a PHP and API specialist and has written several books about PHP, and specifically about OO in PHP. Joe is a developer on the Drupalize.Me team who has been digging into Drupal 8. With the two of them we explore what is going on in the PHP world and Drupal 8. Why does Drupal 8 use OOP? How is this going to effect Drupal developers?

Drupalize.Me Podcast Episode 33

This week we have podcast episode 33. It's all about Global Sprint Days, coming up next weekend, on January 25-26, 2014. We talk about what sprints are, what's happening next weekend, and the why/how of getting involved. Go give it a listen, and then sign up for (or create) a local event!

Podcast Episode #29: Translation Management

We're happy to give you Episode 29 of the Drupalize.Me podcast, with Christophe Galli and Miro Dietiker, to talk about Translation Management. This is a great project, available as a module on, that works with various multilingual modules to help you keep your site translation organized. There are a lot of moving pieces in a multilingual site, and these guys have been up to their elbows with it for a long time.

Sometimes Technology Isn't Always Our Friend

It is that time of the week when we publish a new Drupalize.Me podcast. You're excited. We're excited. Unfortunately we don’t have one for you today. We recorded a great podcast on getting involved with Drupal 8 with Joe Shindelar, Juampy, Alex Bronstein, and Larry Garfield. It was a fun podcast talking about all the new things that excite us about Drupal 8. Somehow the final recorded audio file turned bad about 10 minutes into it. Normally we have a fall-back plan which involves two people recording the podcast.

Podcast Episode 27: Drupalcon Prague Recap

The entire Drupalize.Me team went to Prague, along with a number of other Lullabots, for DrupalCon Prague. In our latest podcast episode a few of us share what it was like, and the excitement and energy of new things on the horizon.

Podcast Episode 24: Coderdojo and Drupal

In Episode 24 of the Drupalize.Me podcast, Addi is joined by Bill Liao, co-founder of CoderDojo, and Drupalers and CoderDojo volunteers Heather James (heather) and Mike King (emkay).

Podcast Episode 23: Alex Pott and Working on Drupal Core

In this week's episode Addi gets to chat with Alex Pott, who is one of the few people who can commit code directly to Drupal core.

Podcast Episode 22: Decoupling Drupal

In the latest episode of the Drupalize.Me podcast, #22 Decoupling Drupal, we chat about what it looks like to separate Drupal's content management from the display of the content, by bypassing the Drupal theme system entirely. Podcast 20: Bdd, Behat, and Drupal

In the latest podcast episode, BDD, Behat, and Drupal, the Drupalize.Me team is joined by Melissa Anderson (eliza411) to talk about Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) and using a testing tool called Behat.

Podcast Episode 20: Getting Sassy with Chris Eppstein

In episode 20 of the Drupalize.Me podcast, we're fortunate to be joined by guest Chris Eppstein, the creator of Compass, and part of the core Sass team. We also have three Lullabot front-end developers on the podcast, Micah Godbolt, Kris Bulman, and Carwin Young.