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Meet Project Manager Jeanne Cost

In this Drupalize.Me interview, we talk with Jeanne Cost, project manager at Fuse IQ, based in Seattle, Washington. This interview is part of an ongoing series where we talk with a variety of people in the Drupal community about the work they do. Each interview focuses on a particular Drupal role and this interview with Jeanne focuses on the project manager role.

Meet Project Manager Alice Jensen

We interview Alice Jensen about what it means to be a project manager and share advice from her experience. Copenhagen-based Project Manager (PM) Alice Jensen has been Drupaling since 2012. Her coworkers describe her with affection, using words such as "fearless", "calm", and "passionate". Read more about Alice's approach to her job as a project manager in this Drupalize.Me interview, part of our Drupal roles series.

Release Day: Dealing with Problems, QA, and Finally Launching Your Project

This week we are wrapping up our Introduction to Project Management series. We've talked with the Lullabot sales and project management teams about many aspects of working with people, and setting your project up for success. As we wind things down we're going to discuss dealing with problems and and red flags that may be taking the project off course, along with different ways of adding quality assurance. We'll then get to talk about demoing your work and conducting retrospectives to review your processes. Finally, we get to tips for a successful launch and the importance of celebration!

Release Day: Client Communications & Project Kickoff

One of the hardest things about a project is finding the right balance when working with your client. This week in our Introduction to Project Management series we take a look at client relations. Lullabot's project and account management teams discuss client communication, managing expectations before and throughout the project, and getting the project started off right from the kick-off meeting.

Release Day: Working with People on Large Projects

In this next installment in our Introduction to Project Management series we're going to look at the people on a team. We'll cover how to figure out who should be on a given team, some ideas about how to break work up on large project teams, and then talk about how to keep in touch with the human side, keeping your team happy and productive.

Estimation, Contracts, and Traits of a Project Manager

Need some insight into the estimation process? New to the world of software project services contracts? Looking to become a project manager or improve your skills? This week, we are pleased to release the next three videos in our Introduction to Project Management, a series of interviews on topics related to project management, leading teams, reporting, tools and methodologies and more.

Podcast Episode 66: Project Management

In this week's Drupalize.Me podcast, hostess Amber Matz chats about all things Project Management with Seth Brown (COO at Lullabot) and Lullabot Technical Project Managers Jessica Mokrzecki and Jerad Bitner. To continue the conversation, check out Drupalize.Me's series on Project Management featuring interviews and insights from these fine folks and others at Lullabot.

Release Day: Introduction to Project Management

We are excited to introduce our latest series, Introduction to Project Management. This series is quite a bit different from our usual format. Instead of screencasts and walk-throughs, we've interviewed Lullabot's technical project managers, the Chief Operating Officer, and the Account Director, and organized the footage into a series of lessons on topics that project managers deal with on a regular basis, including contracts, communication, estimation, tools and methodologies.

Things I Learned From Managing My First Project

A very long time ago I was an account manager for a very tiny web development firm. We managed about 100 accounts, although at any given time there were only a dozen or so active projects. I enjoyed the juggling and the coordination of the tasks, but I grew impatient with our developer, and taught myself more and more coding skills so that I could take on more and more of the tasks myself. Since then I've worn many hats, and coordinated many projects, but this year was the first time I officially wore the hat of "Project Manager" in my new position at Drupalize.Me. I learned a lot along the way about how to work with an internal project team. Most of it was obvious, but it took the school of hard knocks to bring me back to basics. Here are a few of the truisms I wish I'd remembered sooner rather than later.

Episode 25: Workflow, Uh, What Is It Good For...

In Episode 25 of the Drupalize.Me Podcast, Kyle Hofmeyer takes time to gather some Lullabots to discuss "developer workflow".

Two Essential Workshops at Drupalcon Portland

Once again, our team will be at DrupalCon, this time in lovely Portland, and providing workshops on the day before the conference officially kicks off (Monday, May 20th). We're happy to say that we will be involved with two different workshops: Plan, Build, Launch: Real-World Drupal and the Performance and Scalability Dream Team.