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Enable Responsive Layouts with Viewport Meta Tag

In this tutorial, you will learn how to enable responsive layouts in your theme by adding a viewport meta tag to your html template file. For more context and a demonstration, watch the free video, Adding the Viewport Meta Tag to html.tpl.php in the Getting Started with Responsive Web Design in Drupal series, now on Drupalize.Me.

Release Day: Getting Started with Responsive Web Design in Drupal

Today we kick off a new series design to get you started with responsive web design in Drupal. We'll take a fictitious site to use as our case study, The Anytown Farmers Market. This site was built using the Drupal theme, 960 Robots, a theme based on a 960px grid and designed for the desktop. (You might recognize this theme from our series on theming).

How to Add Responsive Tables to Content in Drupal 8

It is claimed that "every HTML table in Drupal 8 is responsive." What this actually means is that tables in the Drupal 8 admin UI are responsive and also that in Views, if you select a Table format, you have the opportunity to prioritize columns that will hide upon reaching narrower breakpoints. The strategy that is employed is that of adding "priority" classes to table cells and a "responsive-enabled" class to the table tag. At a tablet breakpoint, the "priority-low" table columns will hide and at the mobile breakpoint, the "priority-medium" columns will also not display.

Podcast Episode 19: Building

In this podcast episode, Building, Addi is joined by the Lullabot team that worked on the new redesign and upgrade. The conversation covers a lot of the lessons learned from doing an internal project on the side of regular client work.

Release Day: Omega Series Continues on

This week, to to keep things moving, we have three more videos on using Omega 3.x. We will cover creating a sub-theme, debugging options, and take a look at Omeg's grid and responsive settings.

Next week, we'll start configuring Omega and taking a look at some of the other options it offers in its UI.

New Release Wednesday: Do It with Drupal 2011 Keynotes

The last of the Do It With Drupal conference videos are now available! The keynote presentations by Jeffrey Zeldman, Josh Clark, and Jeff Robbins cover responsive design and UX, mobile apps, as well as the past, present, and future of Drupal. These presentations kicked off each day of learning at Do It With Drupal 2011.