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New tutorials: Search API and Solr in Drupal 8

We've published 18 tutorials on Search API and Solr in Drupal. Learn about Drupal's built-in search capabilities and how to take your site's search to the next level with Apache Solr in this new series.

Configure Search API Solr: Use Stopwords When Indexing Content

Most written text has a lot of functional words, like "a", "the", or "is" which are important to the person reading the content as they help it flow in a cohesive manner, but aren't necessary as important to someone searching the content of your site. In this tutorial we'll look at ways to ignore those words in our search index.

Release Day: Further Refining Search Results

This week we wrap up our exploration of integrating Drupal with Apache Solr. We'll look at using facets for narrowing returned search results, and some additional Solr server configuration options for further refining our index.

Release Day: Displaying Search Results from Apache Solr

This week we continue exploring the Search API module and use it to display search results from Solr in Drupal. As well as looking at additional configuration options for our Search API index.

Release Day: Installing Apache Solr and Search API

This week we continue learning how to integrate Drupal with Apache Solr by looking at how to install Apache Solr on both development and production servers, and how to connect Solr to Drupal with the Search API module.

Release Day: Improving Drupal's Search with Apache Solr

This week we start our new series on improving Drupal's search with Apache Solr.

December Tech Update

Happy holidays, members! We’ve been working hard this month, and we have lots of new features to show off. Read about them here!

Release Day: Free Community Videos to Kickstart Your Year

Happy New Year! We're kicking off 2013 with some FREE videos to get people up and running with our Drupal community tools. There are a lot of aspects of the Drupal community that many people take for granted. Even something as "simple" as figuring our what community websites are out there, and how to use them, is often overlooked when talking to people new to Drupal. So, if you want to really dive into this Drupal thing in 2013, here is a gentle orientation to help get you started.