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Drupal 8 is Responsive, But What Does That Mean?

Drupal 8's out-of-the-box mobile friendliness creates quite the buzz. "Mobile friendly," "responsive," "squishy" — all words to describe the behavior a site invokes on different devices or different screen sizes. Mobile friendly can also mean content first. From a big screen to a little screen, things look different. Images change sizes, menu items become drop-downs, columns are pushed around to locations that make sense with content being the supreme real-estate. So if Drupal is mobile friendly out of the box that must mean I am 100% good to go with all my websites using Drupal 8. We wish. Drupal 8 is coming along and looking pretty sweet, but it is still Drupal and not a magic unicorn. This blog post is not going to get into the nitty gritty of how responsive websites work, but we're going to take a closer look at how two new core modules can make it easier to build a responsive theme. 

Release Day: Geocoding Addresses and Mapping Multiple Locations

So far in the Mapping with Leaflet series, we've taken advantage of the field formatter provided by the Leaflet module to display a map on a page for a piece of content containing location data. This resulted in a single marker on a map. But what about a map of multiple locations? For this, we'll get to use Views and the Leaflet Views module that is included in the Leaflet project download. We'll also address a common problem of transforming postal addresses into geocoded data that a map can use. For this, we'll look at a solution that integrates Geocoder and Address Field modules. As a bonus, I'll walk you through the process of configuring a Feeds Importer to work with the esoteric and possibly confusing Address Field targets and I'll demonstrate how to import .CSV text file of postal addresses into Address Field, which is then geocoded and displayed on a Leaflet map.

Webinar: Easily Create Maps with Leaflet

Curious about Leaflet? Join Drupalize.Me Trainer Amber Matz for a live tutorial on how to add Leaflet maps to your Drupal site during this Acquia hosted webinar on May 1, 2014 at 1:00 PM EDT.

Release Day: Creating Image Galleries

This week we turn our attention back to the Working with Media Module in Drupal 7 series. We have a basic site in place, and now we need to add some features to make it rich with media. These three videos walk through the steps to create good-looking image galleries. They also show how we can work with third-party JavaScript libraries to enhance features on our site. Finally we add a listing page and front page block so users can find our new galleries.

Release Day: Prepping Drupal for Your Theme

This week, we continue the journey from PSD to Drupal Theme as Emma Jane Westby shows us how to prepare a Drupal site for our theme by generating sample content, customizing image styles, creating and placing blocks, and creating a useful file structure for our new base theme.

Next week, we'll begin building out theme files by preparing a .info file, incorporating our style guide into the page.tpl.php file, and establishing a page layout structure in page.tpl.php.

Using Drupal Book in Video Lessons

Many moons ago, back in 2008, several Lullabots wrote the first edition of Using Drupal, published by O'Reilly Media. In 2012, myself and Angie Byron, with the help of Bruno DeBondt, updated Using Drupal with a second edition for Drupal 7. This year we're happy to announce the video version of Using Drupal.

Two Essential Workshops at Drupalcon Portland

Once again, our team will be at DrupalCon, this time in lovely Portland, and providing workshops on the day before the conference officially kicks off (Monday, May 20th). We're happy to say that we will be involved with two different workshops: Plan, Build, Launch: Real-World Drupal and the Performance and Scalability Dream Team.

Release Day: More Dates with Views and Repeating Events

For today's releases we are continuing the Dates with Drupal 7 series by playing around more with using dates with Views, as well as turning our attention to having multiple dates in one field and setting up repeating dates on your content. We present:

Everything You Wanted to Know About Dates

We've got a new series out today: Dates with Drupal 7! We may not be able to help you find that special someone, but we can help you navigate the world of dates and time in Drupal. This new series will cover all aspects of working with dates, from basic core configuration, to creating content types using the Date module, and seeing how this all works with Views.

New Release Wednesday: Final Site Building Videos

The last six videos in the Site Building With Drupal 7 Series are now available. These videos cover the final pieces you'll need to get your site ready for launch, and also includes a segment on upgrading and updating to keep it fresh:

Release Day: Site Building with Blocks and Themes

This Wednesday we are continuing our Site Building series with some videos that cover changing how your site looks. We dive in to the world of themes, regions, and blocks, which not only change the look of your site, but let you control some steady bits of content should be and when they should appear. The new videos are:

More Site Building: Content, Taxonomy, Views, and Menus

Today we're continuing our Site Building with Drupal 7 series by looking at some of the major building blocks for putting a site together. Once you have a site installed, and you have the hang of adding contributed modules, you need to get into the site and start playing with the pieces. The newest videos in the series are: