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Practical Drupal Theming Course Available Without a Membership

We're making our very first individual course available for sale, Practical Drupal Theming, with no membership required. This is based on our popular theming workshop, which we have honed and updated over the years. The course uses select tutorials from Drupalize.Me organized into a course that will help you create your first Drupal theme.

Free Hands-On Theming Course May 18-22

DrupalCon Minneapolis, and the theming workshop we were planning to present, isn't going to happen this year, but instead we're going to make our Hands-On Theming course free all of next week, May 18–22, the original week of DrupalCon. This online course is based on our in-person workshops and covers the same material. If you enjoy the course, and have the means, we also ask that you donate to the Drupal Association to support their critical work and future DrupalCons.

Learn to Theme with Hands-On Exercises

Based on our popular Drupal 8 Theming Workshop, our new guide, Hands-On Theming (, is a 7-week course of tutorials and hands-on exercises that will get you up and running with your first Drupal 8 theme. Each week contains tutorials surrounding a key concept in Drupal 8 theming. At the end of each week, you'll have an opportunity to put into practice what you've learned in the related tutorials with a hands-on exercise. By the end of this course, you'll have a working Drupal 8 theme ready for you to further explore and learn concepts in Drupal 8 theming.

To facilitate hands-on practice, we've partnered with Stack Starter ( To follow along with the steps in each exercise, you can use a customized Stack Starter web-based environment. You'll get a pre-configured Drupal 8 development site ready to start theming. It also includes a web-based file manager and code editor as well as a console where you can run Drush commands.

Drupal 8 Theming Workshop at Twin Cities DrupalCamp

Drupalize.Me will be offering our Drupal 8 Theming workshop at Twin Cities DrupalCamp on June 22nd, as well as delivering sessions and attending the sprints. We would love to see you there.

Release Day: Drupal 8 Render API

This week we're adding 10 more tutorials to our Drupal 8 Module Development Guide which dive into the Render API, an essential part of every module developer's toolkit.

Release Day: Breakpoints, Responsive Images, and Core Themes

This week, we've added 8 new tutorials to our Drupal 8 Theming Guide on breakpoints, responsive image styles, and core themes Bartik and Stark. In these lessons you will learn about breakpoints and media queries, and how Drupal uses these concepts outside of CSS files. We'll cover breakpoint configuration files and how to create one for your theme or module. Then, we'll dive into the Responsive Image module. We'll explore responsive image style configuration, popular responsive image use cases that you can solve with responsive image styles, and, step-by-step, how to create a responsive image style for a viewport-sizing use case. Finally, we have a pair of tutorials on Bartik and Stark. We'll take a look at these core themes, their purpose, and what you can learn from them.

New and Updated Tutorials: January-February 2017

We've been busy creating tutorials for you! Mostly we've been focusing on Drupal 8 module development, but we've also made updates to our Configuration Management and Drupal 8 Theming series. In addition, we have a fresh batch of Drupal 7 Hands-On Exercises using the Movie Project. Check out what we've published or updated in January and February of 2017.

We're Teaching at DrupalCon Baltimore

The DrupalCon Baltimore training schedule was announced earlier today and we're stoked to not only be attending DrupalCon, but to also be providing our Drupal 8 Theming workshop, and having Amber, Blake, and Joe presenting sessions. It's going to be a great con!

We're Going to MidCamp - Join Us and Learn About Drupal Theming

We always love the opportunity to participate at in-person Drupal events, hang out with old friends, make new ones, and just in general share our enthusiasm for Drupal with others. That's why we're headed to MidCamp 2017 in Chicago March 30th - April 2nd, where we'll be offering our Drupal 8 Theming workshop, attending the camp, and participating in the sprints.

Release Day: JavaScript in Drupal 8

We're happy to announce the addition of several JavaScript-related tutorials to our Drupal 8 Theming guide. These tutorials, along with our other tutorials on defining defining and attaching asset libraries will help you understand Drupal's JavaScript API and help you make sure your custom code follows the established best practices.

Release Day: Theme Settings and Clear Drupal's Cache

This week we have a fresh batch of tutorials that cover how to configure Drupal 8 theme settings, how to add a screenshot to your theme, and several methods for how to clear Drupal's cache.

Release Day: Theme Hook Suggestions

We just added 2 new tutorials about Theme Hook Suggestions! First learn the concept behind this topic in our tutorial Discover Existing Theme Hook Suggestions. Then learn how to add them in our tutorial Add New Theme Hook Suggestions.